Specific Failures of Feminism

If feminism set out to make more women doctors, lawyers, professionals and CEOs, it has worked in most of those categories.  At least half our doctors and law school graduates are women. If feminism set out to make women’s pay the same as men’s so they would be equally able to support themselves and their families, it has been a failure.    If feminism set out to make marriages better, it has not worked at all. If feminism set out to make things better for women in divorce, and their children, it has only gotten worse. If feminism set out to encourage females to be more concerned about brains than beauty, it has not resolved the conflict between the two.  If feminism set out to make women not to be treated like sexual objects, it failed.  Teen girls became more sexualized than ever and they’re more apt to think their worth is based on their attraction and ability to attract the opposite sex. Feminists hoped to protect women and girls from rape and domestic violence, but they failed.  They should evaluate why, and maybe realize their approaches have been wrong. Why, then, is there this huge disconnect between goals and outcomes?  The feminists need to answer this and then question whether or not they’re doing the correct thing.  The feminists have assured that more women are in public office.  Yet feminism is still a failure. Feminism never intended to make women better mothers, and we suffer with consequences of that mistake. Feminism doesn’t value motherhood.
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