Gender Studies in college — A ridiculous waste of intellectual thought

By Dissident Teacher Gender Studies classes in colleges and universities force an agenda which proves to be a ridiculous waste of tuition and academic effort.

Women came into the academic world before the sixties and seventies, but they didn’t push a feminist agenda.  When the feminists took over, they pressed for more history about what women of previous generations had achieved.

The most recent past President of Harvard University, Drew Gilpin Faust, who retired in June, is a women.  Harvard’s new president, Lawrence Bacow, is male, but four schools at the university are headed by African-American women.  So are many other college and university presidents.  No one can complain that there’s not gender and ethnic diversity in Academia.   NO ONE, but we continue to press the idea that women are victims who have no power and control over their lives.  Truthfully, the academic world looks down on white males, as that identity is an automatic strike against them even if they are most qualified for a position.

Women lead in government, finance

Nancy Pelosi  serves as Speaker of the House. She’s in this position for the second time.  Three women served as Secretary of State in the past 20 years:  Madeleine Albright, Condoleeza Wright and Hilary Clinton.   Three women are on the Supreme Court and a whole new crop of women are in Congress.

Janice Yellen occupied the chair of the Federal Reserve for 10 years.  Christine LaGarde runs the International Monetary Fund.  With Mary Barra as the head of General Motors, Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook and Ginny Rometty the CEO of IBM, how can anyone complain women aren’t in top financial leadership positions in the country and the world?

Many people say girls and women don’t have enough powerful role models. The current Treasurer of the United States, is a woman. In fact, only women have held that position for the last 70 years?  Haven’t females noticed these signatures on their dollar bills when they were growing up?

Women have arrived.  Feminists should realize that mission is accomplished and there’s no need to push this Gender Studies thing.  College tuition is expensive.  Let’s use academics to solve real problems of health care, pollution and how to feed the hungry.  Let’s advance the exploration into the past, but don’t use it pretend women are underrepresented in the power spheres of world.

Dissident Teacher, mother and graduate of a Big Ten university, has taught at the college level for nearly 25 years.

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