Forcing Equality Smashes Reality

Why Are We Trying to Force Boys and Girls into Being the Same, or even the Opposite of Nature?

by Beyond Feminist

There’s a TV commercial where the father extols his daughter’s truck collection. In another TV commercial the father talks about having to wash his daughter’s princess dress every week. The one day a week it needs to be washed, she wears her sheriff’s costume instead.  Notice how well the sponsor of the ad is at politically engineering the message to show that the daughter can play a typically feminine role or a typically masculine role like sheriff. 

Heaven forbid if it was the mother who was washing the clothes as that would not be politically correct.  These companies will get brownie points from the social engineers who will cry sexist if you showed boys and their fathers or girls and the mothers doing things they traditionally like to do. 

Feminists want to convince the world that there are no differences between men and women. They conclude that if you deny the differences it will promote equality of the sexes and give females more opportunities. Same sex gym classes, all girls and all boys education, sex-differentiated toy store aisles, separate scouting programs are all falling prey to this rationale.  

Segregated activities are appropriate

It’s troubling that the Boy Scouts of America now lets girls join, although the Girl Scouts haven’t made that move.  There are many benefits to encouraging boys and girls to revel in “unique to their gender” interests and activities. Apart from feminism there is really no good reason to derail the longstanding social norm of providing some segregated opportunities for boys and girls.

Some of the benefits include: building same sex friendships and being exposed to appropriate same sex role models, allowing children to explore their natural interests in a supportive environment, minimizing distractions from the opposite sex, strengthening sexual identity by immersion in an all-male or all-female environment.

Boys and girls are not the same. Despite what feminists claim to be true. Biological differences include physical, hormonal differences. Mothers who attempt to steer their children toward gender neutral can tell you it often doesn’t work. Girls and boys have different inclinations, even in their first years of life. 

The most serious negative consequence of our culture following the feminist’s illogic of “gender equality” is the gender fluidity concept. If male and female is the same, maybe one can be either, or both. This troubling trend is now leading to an uptick in gender dysphoria cases.  Now, we see the widespread promotion of puberty blockers and sex change surgery even amongst the very young. 

Instead of embracing nature’s brilliant design of male and female and the corresponding differences, we are erasing normal to the delight of feminist social engineers. This is the unnatural ends of denying reality.

When you deny the truth, you end up with a pack of lies.

Beyond Feminist is a former feminist who is a contributor to our blog.

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