Hispanic Woman Doesn’t Identify with Feminism

The feminist movement has always been distant for me.  Hispanic women focus more on family, raising kids, and being good mothers.  I don’t know many—if any—Hispanic women who identify themselves as being feminist or support feminism.  Perhaps many of us think about some of the things that feminists want to make part of the greater cause of women, but I don’t hear many of us talking about these things publicly.

Yes, Hispanic men are domineering in some ways, but I want to make it clear that that does not mean something negative.  Hispanic men have been raised and socialized to be the head of household, the one who makes all the decisions.  And Hispanic women have been socialized to support them.  I know white and black women have completely different perspectives and outlooks when it comes to family today, but at the same time people need to understand that we (Hispanic women) are not ‘weak’.   We have a significant impact with how our families are raised, and we don’t have to be feminists to achieve this or feel better about ourselves. 

Diana is a 48-year-old Hispanic woman who lives in North Carolina.

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