Mission of Feminist Fallacy

It’s not that we don’t appreciate what feminists of the past did—brought us the right to vote and to get an education.  They brought us into jobs that may have been closed to women in the past, and we appreciate that fact

However, we object to the feminist notion that traditionally female roles such as cooking, caring for children, healing the sick and homemaking are any less important to society than traditionally male roles in politics, business and the military.  We’re never going back to a time when only women provide nurturing and only men go into leadership roles. American women have always been strong, anyways, and have often been the ones who take charge of the budget in families.

We will vote for women when they are the best person for a job, but not just because they’re women.  We’re tired of feminists using the political process to claim they have a monopoly on what women want and know how women must think.  We’re tired of the feminist insinuations that only women are responsible for birth control and family planning.  The more women think they can do it all, the less a sense of responsibility men feel.

We object to educational programs that put girls ahead of the boys and don’t consider that boys need just as much support as girls do. We object to the fact that many graduate programs have made it impossible for males to advance because the feminists who run these programs think it’s pay-back time, and they must keep the men down. 

For years, there have been women in the sciences who excelled. They pursued math and sciences because that is what they wanted.  Think of Madame Currie, Rosalind Franklin and Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician who recently died at age 101.  No, we don’t think that success came easy to those women, but the men who advanced in the sciences had to pursue their passion with single-minded focus, too.  It was not easy for anyone, and perhaps it’s even harder for anyone to advance in the sciences today.  

Current feminist thinking is that we must push more girls into the sciences, and into the tech world.   Current feminist thinking is not really about choice; it is about an agenda. 

If you want good men in the world who respect women, male bashing will not create that respect.  

We need very good women to raise those boys who become the men of the future, and not a social agenda that tells females how to think.  Because there are fewer stay-at-home moms and the feminists have marginalized women who may want to raise their children, we cannot expect the children of the future to be as strong and as mentally healthy as they have been in the past.

Life is very tough, and in this world, women and girls should be taught in ways that help them grow inner strength and endurance.   Men should develop their sensitive side, and be tough, too.  

We shouldn’t cry sexism every time women don’t get their way.  The feminist movement no longer appears to be about choice, and seems to be all about power, and that’s why the Feminist Fallacy must be exposed.

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