Transphobia or Common Sense?

It’s not conservative or transphobic to question the wisdom of allowing children to transition considering that so many of them later regret it.  

However, money, profit, politics and social media are the engines driving the social contagion. The trans movement likes to hide behind Gay Rights to confuse people, but it’s very different.  

Trans activists push to ban books like Irreversible Damage, which both Amazon and Target refused to sell at first. Yet it’s parents who don’t want sex taught in early education who are called hateful and accused of banning books.

More and more evidence is coming out suggesting that transitioning before adulthood is damaging on a number of levels. Recently, a whistleblower, who is queer, and who originally supported the transitioning of children, prompted an investigation into the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Hospital for Children

Detransitioners are speaking out forcefully. I’ve read three testimonies from young women who were put through a transition in adolescence or the late teen years. They’re now telling horror stories of what happened to them. In one instance, a 19-year-old  had severe mood swings and psychotic behaviors, resulting in psychiatric hospitalizations. Yet her doctors at the hospital did not even question whether the testosterone injections were causing her issues.  After she went off the hormones and detransitioned, the psychiatric symptoms cleared up.  She’s now 23 or 24.  

Other detransitioners already had mastectomies and then regretted it.  Many of them didn’t get adequate counseling before going through treatment.   One of these young women, Chloe Cole recently filed a lawsuit. She has a large Twitter following.  (Her picture captured from YouTube is shown above)

Unfortunately, even insurance companies and Medicaid covers these superfluous medical treatments in some states. Transitioning costs upwards of $100,000.

Why should public funds pay for something that will need to be undone? Surgeons love to do surgery and pharmaceutical companies want to sell drugs.  Both groups profit by promoting treatments that require more medical treatments down the line.  What happened to the Hippocratic oath, “First do no harm” ?

Why should the government be pushing a policy for children that may permanently affect their lives?  According to Jennifer Bilek of the 11th Hour Blog, a huge pharmaceutical, techno-medical and investment complex pushes the deconstruction of sex. Some of the funding comes from the same billionaires who finance political campaigns. It’s an industry that’s driving our institutions.

But why do adolescents question their birth gender?

It used to be young boys who questioned gender identity, but today the sexual transition movement is predominantly affecting adolescent girls. Children and teens go through all kinds of stresses today and so many admit to being depressed.  It’s logical for them to latch onto the diagnosis of the day, despite the multiplicity of factors contributing to their anxiety and depression.   

Adolescent girls are uncomfortable when their bodies change and many of them dislike their growing breasts.  Cutting them off is not the answer, just as gender dysphoria is not the reason for most of the dysphoria teen girls commonly feel.

Social movements like eating disorders and gender dysphoria are promoted on social media, at a time when algorithms determine the content a person sees.

The fact that so many change their minds and feel betrayed by the adults who didn’t question their assumptions demonstrates that sex changes in children are harmful.  Many were not told of the very harmful side effects of these medical treatments. The damage is both physical and psychological.

In some cases, parents were told that their children are likely to suicide if they don’t give consent.

Someday this experimentation on our children may be viewed the same way that lobotomies and the eugenics movements are viewed today.  In Great Britain, the National Health Service ordered the Tavistock Clinic to be shut down because it offered services “not safe” for children.  

It’s not anti-trans or anti-LGBTQ, or a far-right position, to disapprove with the gender transitioning of children! On February 18, 2023, west coast filmmakers released a documentaryAffirmation Generation, which we recommend to everyone for an understanding of this problem. 

Many gay groups and many feminists disagree with the trans activists.   We tend to blame the feminists for ushering in this cultural movement.

Another article on this topic:  10 Reasons to ban gender transitioning for children and teens

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  • Zarina Macha , Direct link to comment

    Great article. It’s ridiculous how anyone can possibly support or condone the gender transitioning of children. I don’t think most people take issue with grown adults of a suitable age wanting to have a sex change if that’s the decision they wish to take and they have consulted doctors and psychologists etc. But allowing this onto children is literal child abuse. I know some trans influencers like Blaire White and The Offensive Tranny have spoken out against this which I wholly commend.

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