Shouldn’t sex conversion treatments for children be banned?

Gender-bending musicians like Boy George and David Bowie, and the creative costumes of their audiences, are in the realm of artistry and entertainment. Now we’re trying to bring gender-bending into everyday life.  This is confusing to children.   It is also being foisted upon some children, too.

Will the “sex transitioning” of children be exposed as one of the great pseudo-scientific errors in American history along the lines of lobotomies?

Transgender Trends in Children

Do you honestly think the physical transitioning with hormones on little children or teens is any less of an assault to a young person than physical or sexual abuse?   Well, the LGBT movement seems to support it and actually promote sex transitioning for children.  Title IX has been interpreted to mean that people who identify as transgender have special rights in school; it forces the rights of the individual over the rights of other students who are uncomfortable with it.

And if you’re a feminist, you must support intersectionality which means support of anyone with minority status and that means rights of transgender children.

Currently, there’s a movement to have adults of ambiguous gender to read for children’s storytime in public libraries. Forcing the issue on children is not just giving the message that it’s ok to be transgender.  It is normalizing the weird and promotes transgenderism. Please don’t deny this truth.

Furthermore, when we force schools to accept the desire of boys to use opposite-sex bathrooms, the discomfort girls may feel with this problem is very different the discomfort of accepting handicapped children into schools, or accepting religious and racial minorities.  It is a total invasion of privacy.

Finally the rise of transgender characters in TV shows such as “Orange Is the New Black” and “Transparent” and the transitioning of Bruce Jenner brings about acceptance. Laverne Cox especially has made it cool, and to go along with that, empowering.

We make instant celebrities of young people who embrace it, feeding our narcissistic culture. The ACLU has gobs of money to take up the rights of transgenderism.  There’s a certain narcissism in this movement, a need for attention that is being met by switching sexes. Right now the popularity of being “other” has a powerful push in our decision-making.

How do we face the future?

Please check out these websites: 4thWaveNow, which is a “community of parents & friends skeptical of the ‘transgender child/teen’ trend” and Gender Trend, created by parents “who are concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender.”

Opposing transitioning in children has a different set of variables that stand apart from the recognition of transgender adults. Along the same lines, opposing forced gay conversion therapy for those under 21, is different from accepting the fact that some people may seek therapy to leave the gay life, which should not be banned.

The current political situation is not good.  In Ohio, the parents of a 17-year-old girl who wanted to transition lost custody of their daughter for not allowing her to transition.  We’re giving too much power to the state in allowing decisions that affect a person for the rest of their lives.   In California, parents who don’t agree with allowing foster children (age 12 and over) to transition may lose parental rights.

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