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Coverup: Adverse Events from Hormonal Contraceptives

Review: Natural Womanhood’s “No Adverse Outcomes?” Roundtable Webinar

JAMA, the Journal of the America Medical Association is coming under scrutiny for their recently published study which claims to have found “no adverse outcomes” of hormonal contraceptives.

Natural Womanhood, a nonprofit which touts the superior health benefits of natural family planning hosted a roundtable discussion with three doctors familiar with the risks and contraindications of hormonal contraceptives. The three experts set out to debunk the study.

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The “umbrella study” Dr. Joel Brind explained, is “a meta-analysis of meta-analyses” and the authors used pretzel-like logic and cherry-picked data to draw conclusions that don’t truly reflect the studies they evaluated. Brind says women need to know, “These are synthetic drugs that act like hormones.”

Kathleen Raviele, is an OBGYN who stopped prescribing hormonal contraception 30 years ago because of the negative outcomes observed in her patients. She routinely found females suffering from abnormal bleeding, breast lumps, skin outbreaks, headaches, heart attacks, blood clots, auto-immune disorders from the contraceptives she had prescribed. She says that 45% of women discontinue use of these birth control pills due to negative side effects.

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Dr. William Williams the medical doctor in the roundtable ticked off the known diseases triggered by hormonal contraceptives: breast cancer, cervical cancer, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, systemic lupus, depression, osteoporosis, heart attacks and strokes. Dr. Williams says that these are “horrific side effects” and that as an “elective medical intervention” the standards for these drugs ought to be higher. He said other drugs have been pulled off the market for much less injury. “The safety profile must be very clean to be ethical,” he added.

The doctors also discussed alternatives to using the pill to treat endometriosis, polycystic ovaries or painful periods. The pill does not actually stop or cure endometriosis.

The Depo Provera shot is a steroid shot that is particularly risky and Dr. Williams said it should be taken off the market. Because it elevates cortisol, it can have a negative impact on bone density and the immune system. It is known to increase risk of transmission of HIV. See Unique Dangers of DepoProvera.

Why are medical journals and medical professionals bending the facts and compromising industry standards? The three experts agreed that political influences are at work. In our opinion, Feminists who rally for women’s health, are often the same ones who ignore the health damages women are suffering when they use toxic, intrusive birth control methods. In reality, the prevention of pregnancy takes precedence for Feminists over all other serious diseases caused by hormonal contraception. This makes the Feminist agenda the most potent corrupting influence on science in our time.

Natural Womanhood currently has a petition before the FDA, asking for the agency to update the prescribing information doctors use, so that patients can be adequately informed of the potential side effects of these pills and shots.

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Here is the flawed study published in JAMA:  


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