Introducing the Feminist Fallacy

by Dissident Teacher

Much has changed since I was a girl in the 1960s and 1970s. On the whole, I do not believe that feminism has made life better for American women and girls.  Nor do I think it has helped men and benefited society as a whole.

As an anti-Feminist, it’s not that I disagree with equality for women, and I appreciate the right to vote.  I hate the nasty effects feminism has had on the world around us. If American feminism set out to emphasize what is inherently good about women, it would be more successful. Instead, feminism is intent on imitating men while diminishing men.  At the same time, they’re downplaying the best qualities in women and girls and pretending that differences between the sexes are a social construct.

I’ve been married, had children, got divorced, and was a college professor for almost 25 years. Anti-feminists in Academia, such as me, do not have much of a voice. While we may think that Islamic women wearing burkas are silenced, how is that different from women in academic positions who are not allowed to express positions against feminism? I’m not an academic star, and I haven’t always been treated well in work situations, but it has nothing to do with my sex.

Like many Americans, my viewpoints don’t reflect either political party very well. My votes for president have been equally split between Democrats and Republicans.  As a voter, I think independently, so I can’t be swayed easily by feminists.

I know what it’s like to be a single mother and though I don’t have financial struggles now, at times I struggled financially. I believe feminism is making it worse for women in divorce situations. It’s very much a problem that the Feminists have pushed the idea that men should be as good at childcare as women. That will never work.

There’s a harmful side to feminism, and here’s a list of some of the Fallacies of Feminism:

  • Gender is something we are born with, not something that is culturally forced upon us, as the curriculum in gender studies courses would have us believe.
  • Feminism doesn’t help the family, and in many ways, it has made divorce worse for women
  • Feminism has diminished respect for people like my mother. In truth, the work of the “housewife” has always been as important as the role of breadwinner and Feminists see it otherwise.
  • The politics of abortion and birth control puts all responsibility on the girls and women, not on the boys and men. Feminism adopted the catch word in CHOICE, but most of what happens to us in life is not choice. Very few people actually have complete control over their destinies.
  • Fast food and drugging children become normal when so much is expected of women, and there is little time to feed and care for children with the attention it deserves.
  • Feminism is bringing about greater class division in American society, with more single women raising children on their own and in poverty.
  • Men have not become better people and more sensitive with feminism. Yes, there is and always has been toxic masculinity.  However, now we have to deal with toxic Feminism, as well as this toxic masculinity.
  • Feminism makes young women and girls more sexualized.
  • Feminism pressures women and girls far too much.

On the bright side, I am grateful for what feminism has done for victims of domestic violence and rape — helping them recover and bringing awareness of these issues.  Just as MADD brought greater recognition to drunk driving and passed laws to protect public safety on highways, feminists have helped victims of domestic violence.

I also appreciate that some of the women in Congress are the ones who can take the credit for making the divided US Congress reach consensus.

Progress against domestic violence and more women in Congress are the main successes of feminism. Otherwise, it’s a failure   I don’t support the ERA and frankly we don’t need it.  It won’t give women rights they don’t have now.

My heavy readings in Psychology inform some of the ideas that will be presented here on this website. We will post articles and videos that support our views, such as the video of Camille Paglia, a feminist I agree with in this instance.

Others may write on this website, women who may have a slightly different view of feminism. But only women who disagree with the basic premises of the movement can write for this blog.  The feminists shout loudly and clearly every day and they don’t need another voice.

Dissident Teacher, a mother and graduate of a Big Ten university, has taught college for nearly 25 years.

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  • Gabrielle C Cardona , Direct link to comment

    I am going to write a book that I want to entitle “The Fallacy of Feminism”.

    I want to let you know that I acknowledge the title of this website. And I am not plagiarizing you. I promise.

    But I would like to know that you are okay with this, before I copyright the title?

    • Admin , Direct link to comment

      That’s great!!! Actually we thank you and think it’s about time someone does this. Please send us a book review or description when you’re done.

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