Love and Marriage Event for Women by Men

A Review of the 22 Convention

The 22 Convention for women, was recently held in Orlando, Florida. Anthony “Dream” Johnson organized the event, the theme was, “Make Women Great Again.” This newly launched convention is a rare opportunity for women to learn from men, about women, men and relationships.

Johnson, Chairman of the 21 Studios and founder of the 21 Convention was excited to take his efforts at bettering male-female relationships to this new level. By donning a Make Women Great Again hat and daring to speak to women about men, he created a firestorm of negative publicity. The feminized media went into overdrive to mock his idea. 

However, the women that ventured out to the ‘mansplaining event of the century’ got a special peek into the hearts and minds of men. 

22 Convention Jennifer Moleski
Jennifer Moleski was the only woman speaker.

Sixteen speakers, including one woman, shared their unique perspectives on the state of marriage, the pitfalls of dating, and the damage wrought by feminism on cultures worldwide. The language of the speakers was raw, rough, kind and tender. The presenters spoke plainly, directly and in a manner that we are not used to hearing from men. In that sense, it was refreshing. Most importantly, the men challenged female assumptions about men and our behavior towards them.

Attendees heard from a wide spectrum of men about their love of women, their mothers and grandmothers and their daughters. A couple of virgin husbands who married their first love spoke about their wives’ recipe for marital bliss. Divorced men shared their jaded perspectives and advised women on how to succeed in their current or future relationship. Christian men talked about God’s design for a happy marriage. A self-described womanizer crowed about marrying the right kind of woman and described their drama free, 21-year marriage. A relationship coach for manly men described how to win the heart of a top tier man. And then, there was the guy, who loved and lost and was determined never to wed again– he was a free agent forever. Yet, he still told us his ideas for winning the heart of a good man.

Books for sale at the 22 Convention

What do men have to say about men, women, and relationships? Quite a bit, as it turns out. All the things your father ought to have told you, and you and your girlfriends wondered about, gushed from the stage like water from a fire hose. If you have ever wondered why men don’t call, what makes men flee, what men are looking for in a wife, the 22 Convention delivered a great deal of insight. 

The advantage of hearing from a broad spectrum of male opinion is it will help single women discern what kind of man they want to marry. For the married women, they are likely to hear from a man similar to their husband.

Anthony “Dream” Johnson kicks off the event.

In his opening remarks at the start of the convention, Anthony said that his goal with the 22 Convention is to inspire women’s hope, optimism, and femininity. He defined the biggest threat to a woman’s happiness as the trillion dollar feminist establishment which dominates our society:  business, government, media, sports, and entertainment. 

As it turns out, men want in a wife what they have always wanted. Someone who trusts and respects her man, is willing to support his mission in life and carry his children and raise them to be decent, productive citizens. Oh, and they also appreciate good, home cooking!

What Women Say About 22 Convention

“My boyfriend had been to the 21 convention and he brought me to experience it. I think it is an excellent idea, to bring the two genders together, I think it is unnatural to separate the genders. If we could develop this a little bit more, if we could incorporate the women’s perspective and the men’s perspective and have a dialog. I am always in favor of progress.”

Societal trends were a topic of concern.

“We have all come from different backgrounds, and we have all learned something different in our experiences. So, coming together and learning something from a different perspective is really important to me. Coming to this event and bringing with me the object of love and integrity and knowing that if I carry that within me, I know that I can project that. All the conversations have been about how we integrate love into how we make people better again. In my mind, it is how we love and how we love ourself…to me it is gathering information from other people so that I can love with a broader stroke, with a bigger fatter brush.”

“I had no idea that women’s fertility shrinks significantly after her peak fertility.  If I had know this, I would have shifted my priorities. Instead of being driven to build a high-powered career, I would have focused on creating a happy family with many children.  When I finally married at age 43, it was too late; I am childless.” 

“If there’s one takeaway from the convention, it’s that there are many ways to support men and women in relationships. There isn’t a one-size fits all, cookie cutter template to follow precisely and that’s okay. The end result that everyone is looking for is to be loved by a suitable partner, where both of your strengths and weaknesses are balanced as yin and yang.”

“The 22 Convention could be renamed, “Blunt-Force Truth for Women.  It is not for weak-minded women; it is for women who can hear the truth from men, embrace the fallacy of feminism and become the most loving wife/mother/woman she can be.”

“The way the convention was promoted was kind of designed to be as irritating to feminists as humanly possible, and I think it worked! And, so that is really funny! The actual experience was something completely different than what anyone would expect. Even the speakers were surprised at how things worked. It was an incredible experience. I would really encourage any female who wants to be around other women without any cattiness to attend the 22 Convention.”

Meet 22 Convention Mystery Guest speaker

Judging from the media backlash this Conference received, there is not much cultural support for a man who wants to transform the battle of the sexes into marital bliss and family happiness. But for men and women who want to shed the militancy and leave the battlefield, the 22 Convention is the place to start.  Whether you are male or female, if you are ready to change, get your gold ring and start a family, we can’t recommend highly enough that you attend one of the conventions sponsored by 21 Studios.

Origin of 21 Convention

Because of his own struggles with women, seventeen-year-old Anthony “Dream” Johnson wanted to help guide the under 20 male through the dating and courtship minefield. He started an “under 21” convention for men while still in college. He invited pick-up artists and relationship coaches to speak to his peers. He left college early, after catching a vision for restoring harmony between the sexes, thus improving the odds of marriage and family success. It became a global enterprise with events in the U.S. and Europe, annually. As it grew it became the 21 Convention for men of all ages and is held on three continents, now in its 14th year. Last year, he launched a fatherhood convention called the Patriarch Edition and in 2020, he launched the 22 Convention for women with a theme of “Make Women Great Again”.

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