Feminine Agency vs. Feminism

Noah Revoy is a Life Coach in Portugal. He has some interesting things to say about feminism and bullying and why feminism is not making women happy. In this interview he discloses bullying tactics and phrases used to brow beat women into submission to feminist dogma. He concludes with ideas on how to overcome the dominant feminist culture.

We generally try to showcase the voices of women on our blog, yet Noah works with many women who are seeking love and marriage and so his perspective is valuable, as he is aware of the trials and struggles of this cohort of women.

Watch this 30 minute interview

In this video he is explaining a little known solution to life unhappiness he calls “Agency.” We discuss in this interview how feminine agency can build a woman’s dream lifestyle. Agency, he defines as “how able you are to act on your own behalf.” Agency, Noah claims, will help you, as a woman, have more control over your emotions and break free of the control of others, including feminists.

Noah is speaking on Feminine Agency in Orlando at the The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again, May 1- 3rd, 2020. This conference is for all women, single or married who wish to improve their lives. The entire conference features all male speakers, so women will have a unique opportunity to hear the male perspective. The organizers promise you will leave with great ideas and concepts to improve your life in the areas of femininity, motherhood, fitness, love and romance. If this interview inspired you and you are interested in attending, send Noah an email for a discount code. His email is [email protected].

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